Protecting the Holidays

December 4, 2017



Police departments across the nation have initiated several “operations” in order to reduce crime during the Holidy Season.  Here are some of the more creative ones we have found.


Operation Lasting Mark:  Residents of can come to the police department during its normal business hours and “check out” an engraver.  The engraver can be utilized by the public to etch their possessions with a drivers license number.   Criminals who see the engravings may be less likely to steal the item because of its unique markings.  In the case where the item is stolen, the engraving will make the items easier to identify and return the property.   If a citizen wishes to participate in the program all they need to do is bring in a drivers license or other valid form of photo ID and agree to return the engraver within 3 days.


Operation Safe Disposal:  Flat screen TVs, video game consoles, computers, jewelry and more are common holiday gifts.  It’s not uncommon to see an array of boxes by the curb, advertising expensive holiday gifts, right after Christmas. Unfortunately, leaving your boxes in front of a home makes it very easy for criminals to figure out what is inside the home and allow them to target specific residences.


Some agencies are partnering with the waste management companies to provide card box recycling stations. Drop off locations vary between November 24, 2017 through January 2, 2017. Of course, illegal dumping at these sites will not be tolerated; only cardboard boxes will be permissible.



Operation Porch Pirate:  The Holiday Season increases the number of deliveries made to homes.   

Criminals have been known to follow delivery trucks, wait for them to drop off a package, and then steal the unprotected package.  These types of criminals have come to be known as “Porch Pirates”.  Many residents have installed cameras to deter or capture images of these criminals.  Some agencies invite citizens to have their packages delivered to their police headquarters.  The citizens can use the tracking number provided by the vendor to be notified of the delivery.  The resident can pick the package from the police headquarters by showing a valid identification. 


See Stephen McCosker talk to FOX 35's Good Day Orlando host about operation porch pirate.





Operation 9PM Alert: Some criminals wait until most people have gone to bed so they can roam around neighborhoods and jiggle door handles to find cars that have not been locked.  They are known to police as known as “CAR HOPPERS” or “DOOR JIGGLERS”.  By utilizing social media police departments can remind citizens to set an alarm for 9:00 PM in order to remind them to remove their valuables, lock their vehicles, and turn the porch light on. 



What innovative holiday crime reduction ideas have you heard about?  Let us know at A Law Enforcement Journey. 

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